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Poker Card Rooms is big fan of the Ultimate Bet poker room! There are so many great features at this site that leads us to wonder why anyone would want to play at any other popular online poker site. However, we realized that the only drawback is a very serious drawback as many of the players are too experienced for an average player to win. Though we found this site unprofitable, more experienced players may excel here, and even if we just broke even we had a great time playing at UB.

The software is great with an interesting 3D table design, fast play (second only to The Poker Club), and my favorite, the smaller mini-tables with minimal graphics, great for playing multiple tables at once. Ultimate Bet features a number of non-traditional games, such as Pineapple, which are rarely found on online poker sites. These non-traditional poker card games are seldom played, though it is nice that the option exists.

Although we enjoy this site so much we seldom play here solely because we have a hard time winning hands. Poker Card Rooms considers itself as an above-average player and usually quite successful at most sites, though we just find the competition too fierce at UB to really make it worth our while. That being said, this applies mostly to the big limit tables, and not to tables below $5/$10. There are enough players at the low-limit level that you can find any game with varying degrees of competition.

On the promotions side, I didn't really find them to be overly rewarding because of the points system requires you to play a lot of hands before you can withdraw the money, even more than average. They do offer 25% to even a 100% deposit bonus, however they do not give you the deposit money all at once (unlike most sites) they cover 25 you’re your bet until you run out of money or you use up all your deposit in bonus. So for example, you can deposit $100 and get a $25 deposit credit. However, it is possible to lose all of your $100 dollars but only $3 of your deposit bonus. So you are left with $22 in your deposit bonus account which you can not play with or withdraw. Most sites just give you the deposit money up front. If you would like the best UltimateBet Bonus please visit http://www.thepokerfather.com

Their withdrawal system is good; and like all of the sites we have reviewed, it is trustworthy and reasonably quick. Their support system is average and at peak times, can be a little slow. Overall, we respect this site a lot, but only recommend it to low-limit players, or very experienced high-rollers.

Here is a view of Ultimate Bet Lobby and Online Poker Table.

Image of Ultimate Bet's Online Poker Lobby

Poker Table
Image of Ultimate Bet's Online Poker Table



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