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Doesn't matter if you are a professional online poker player or a rookie, everyone can always improve their poker skills by reading a few poker tips from experienced online poker players!

Poker Tip #1: Don't be Afraid to Fold
The best poker tip we can give you is know when to fold. Failing to fold is a good way to reveal a beginner player, furthermore, it allows more advanced players to figure out what sort of hands you play. The best poker players know when to fold, and when to keep playing. The important rule here is you don't want to reveal your poker strategy. Once players know your poker strategy they can predict your every move. If you have a bad hand don't be afraid to fold because you want to make it less obvious when you have a good hand. Only show your poker hand when you have to. (back to top)

Poker Tip #2: Watch the Board
Many beginner poker players make the mistake of focusing on their own hands, and ignoring the board. Watching the board allows advanced players to read the betting going on around them and take full advantage of it. This poker tip becomes more important when you play online poker because you cannot see your opponents "Poker Tells". (back to top)

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Poker Tip #3: Change Your Poker Play
Your opponent is likely building a model of your playing as the game progresses. The longer you follow the same style of poker play, the more likely your opponent will anticipate your poker hand. Changing your style mid-game gives you an advantage because your opponent will not know how to predict your move, and therefore, the opponent will never know when you are bluffing.

If you receive a weak hand, stay in the game without betting. But if anyone places a bet, fold. By doing this you have placed the ball in someone else's hand. But it can also turn out to be harmful if no one bets. For one you have forfeited a betting round, and you have also allowed other players to improve their individual hands without being penalized.

If you get dealt a strong poker hand off the flop be sure not to over bet at the beginning. Rather, start with a smaller bet, and gradually increase it. If you do this other players will still think they have a chance and will stay in the game, thus increasing the prize pool. However, use this poker strategy of "slow playing" very cautiously when there is a good chance of a better poker hands being formed because "slow playing" can come back to haunt you! (back to top)

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Poker Tip #4: Learn When/How to Bluff Properly
Bluffing is better used when playing experienced players. Stronger players are more likely to fold less valuable hands whereas weak players tend to call, even with weak hands, and seldom fold. The most important aspect of bluffing is to keep your respect from other players. If you are known as a "bluffer", both good and bad poker players will call you every time.(back to top)

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Poker Tip #5: Read Poker Books Written by Pros
Reading books written by the pros and taking notes as you play will increase your poker skill dramatically. You can analyze your hands by reading the books and develop your own style using their advice. Remember, developing your own style is important, but there are some general rules that every poker player should incorporate into their game. (back to top)

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Poker Tip #6: Know Every Poker Position on the Table
Generally , the button (the dealer) is the best position at the table because you are the last to act. More specifically, you have an advantage of watching the betting action before you must make a decision. If there is a bet, a raise, and a re-raise it might indicate that other players have very strong hands, and even a usually strong hand might be worth folding. (back to top)

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Poker Tip #7: Playing Less Experienced Players Can Increase Your Bank Roll!
If you're playing to win money always play at betting limits where you can beat the majority of players. Move down in limits if you are having a hard time winning hands. You may learn more from experienced players but if your intention is to win always play the least experienced players you can find.

If your online poker software provides it you should always add inexperienced players to your buddy list so you know exactly when and where they're playing. Inexperienced players are good so long as you can read them quite easily, moreover, they tend to generate large pots when sit at a table of experienced "call station" players. (back to top)

Poker Tip #8: Take Notes
Taking notes on poker players is one of the more important poker tips to follow, especially in the online poker rooms. In online poker rooms new players are always coming and going. Often you won't play a single player long enough to remember their strategy and immediately recall their playing style when you next play them online. Making simple notes on players (often sites include the capabilities for player notes into the client) allow you to remember more player strategies in case you play them again. Even if you don't expect to see that player again, making notes is still worthwhile because you train yourself to always rate your opponent using a set of characteristics. The big things to note are: smart vs stupid; aggressive vs passive; tight vs loose; straight up vs bluffer; bets out a draw or not; and what kinds of hands they play with or pre-flop raise with. (back to top)

Poker Tip #9 Don't Get Bullied
You should always sit in with a minimum of 20 times the big blind at any poker table. In online poker, it is worthwhile to bring 100 times the BB to the table. Its terrible to get a great hand and not have the money to raise the pot and win big. More importantly, poker players with larger chip stacks can use "big bets" as a way of forcing other players, with smaller stacks, to fold there relatively good hand. A $10 bet is relatively small to a player who has $150 in chips, however, it is a substantially large bet to someone who has only $30 in chips. (back to top)

Poker Tip #10: Come Back to For More Tips!
We are always updating our Online Poker Site and our Poker Tips Page regularly, so please visit us soon!! (back to top)

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