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Royal Vegas Poker runs on the Prima Poker Network which is powered by Microgaming Software. Royal Vegas is the best site on the Prima network because they provide their own bonuses which are better than the standard Prima network bonuses, and have their own online poker tournaments only open to Royal Vegas online poker players.

They provide A LOT of Free Roll Tournaments for players and have pretty impressive rewards for longtime players. This is a nice treat for loyal online poker player. Their software, however, is not the best in the market, and the game speed is not up to par with other online poker offerings, though has improved over time.

There is quite a lot of traffic at Royal Vegas Poker and there are always ring-games to join at every limit which is another bonus. If you play at the high-roller tables you should expect all sorts of competition from beginners to bonafide professionals.

The support system is very good at the Royal Vegas Poker Site. They offer both telephone and email support. I tried calling the telephone support line (at various times) and was put through immediately with zero wait (very impressive!). The email support was good, though not as instantaneous as some other sites.

Overall, I’d definitely suggest that you try out Royal Vegas Poker. I have won more money at other sites, especially the sites with little traffic, but I had a lot of good games with some good players at Royal Vegas Poker. Party Poker is almost over saturated with users, so much so that you never know if you’ll be playing decent players or total beginners, but Royal Vegas Poker seems to attract more serious players and is not so busy that there are masses of inexperienced call-jockeys ruining your play.

Here is a view of the Royal Vegas Poker Lobby.

Image of Royal Vegas Poker's Online Poker Lobby

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